Work Smarter not Harder

KHUUBE is a smart text editor which automatically summarizes your notes and creates fill-in-the-blank tests.

Take your notes on a minimalist text editor. 
Stay focus and inspired.
The summary extracts everything you highlighted in your notes. It's that simple. 
Check your knowledge with fill-in-the-blank tests. The best alternative to flashcards.

"I'm using KHUUBE before every exam ! It's enabling me to summarize hundreds of pages of notes within minutes"  

- Joshua, Law School 

 "If you like to highlight stuff, KHUUBE is designed for you" 

- Camille, La Sorbonne Paris

"To my opinion, the test feature on KHUUBE  is making all the flashcard apps obsolete

- Mike T. , Philosophy 

It's Time to Hack Your Brain
Hurry up ! Places are limited.

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